It Ain’t B.O.

It seems like everyday we’re bombarded with chemicals and toxins that invade our lives, homes, and bodies.  And let me tell you something, They STINK!

But much more importantly, is the harm they’re doing to your health.  These toxins that come in eventually have to come out, and when they do, boy oh boy does it stink.  This is what we call “getting sick”, a cold, or a flu.

Laundry detergent might be the worst.  It’s loaded with all kinds of chemicals.  And since these chemicals are relatively new, our bodies have not yet adjusted to them, and because of this they make us feel like crap.

Deodorant is just as bad though.  We rub chalky aluminum and sodium benzoate into our armpits right where are lymph-nodes are located. Then we spray cologne and perfume which contains undisclosed amount of toxins and unfamiliar chemicals.


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